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Sherwin Smith, founder and president of PFA Inc.


Sherwin Smith Jr.

My name is Sherwin Smith, founder and president of Present Future Athletes Inc. In 2018 I formed this organization to teach, develop, and offer young female athletes between the ages of 9-16 the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of basketball while also developing life skills, character, team work, sportsmanship, and respect.


Development is the number one goal.  We want to help these athletes further develop their game individually and as a team throughout the season.  Winning is always nice, but in my eyes it is a result of consistent work and development each week.  

In our 1st year of existence we started up with one team, PGT Lady Eagles2027, in which I coach myself. That year we competed in 11 tournaments, crowned champions in 5 and runner ups in 4. Also summer league champions at the Pacers Athletic Center. Our record for 2019 was 50-12; the first 2 years combined our record is 90-19! Success is a result of confidence from consistent work, effort, and patience throughout the process.  I am looking to spread this success and grow the organization year after year.

Our goal is to recruit athletes through open tryouts to build teams ranging from 3rd - 10th grade.  We will participate in both local and out of town tournaments.  Developmental teams will also participate in League play at the Pacers Athletic Center.  Practices will mainly be at Warren Central High School twice a week.  If there is a team with the majority of players located in one area I will do my best to locate practice space closer to that team.

One thing unique about our organization is your team is your team. Meaning you can choose your team name, team colors, and choose from an assortment of styles. The only requirement is that PFA be placed in front of your team name for example "PFA Lady Hawks".

So come be part of an organization that believes confidence in oneself is the key to success. Let's Be Great Together....... one day at time.